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Mesakti Beach - Gialiskari - Mirsona Gorge - Rahon Dam - Evangelistria Monastery (Monte) - Kastanies Dam - Agios Polykarpos - Lombardes - Armenistis - Livadi Beach - Mesakti Beach

Total route length (in km)

12 km

Travel time (in hours)

4 hours

Route difficulty level (A or B level)

Easy (Α level)

Route Type

Double directioned

Altitude at key points

Maximum altitude: 532 meters Minimum altitude: -3 meters

Current Condition



Adequate: Island Town Center – Settlements - Churches


The chosen route goes through the beach of Mesakti, which is suitable for families with small children as well as serious windsurfers with its crystal turquoise waters. It also passes through the gorge of Mirsona and the Racho and Kastania dams, which are environmental and cultural points of interest. There, the visitor has the opportunity to admire the Chapel of Theoskepastis and the Holy Monastery of Evangelismos, passing by Livadi beach.

The walking route is characterized as highly attractive, because it draws many points of environmental and cultural interest, which are a pole of attraction for a large number of visitors, throughout the year.