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Port - Plaka Beach - Ai Giannis - Primary School - Windmills - Heliport - Petrokopio Beach - Petrokopio Beach (Skalaki) - Agios Ioannis Theologos - Heliport - Windmills - Primary School - Oven Alley - Port

Total route length (in km)

9,51 km

Travel time (in hours)

3 hours and 17 minutes

Route difficulty level (A or B level)

Easy (A level)

Route Type

Double directioned

Altitude at characteristic points

Maximum altitude: 172 meters
Minimum altitude: -12 meters

Current conditions



Adequate: Island Country – Settlements - Churches


The chosen route is an ideal starting point for visitors, because it includes points of interest such as Kambi Bay, the Cyclopean Walls, many churches and a tour of the coastline of Fourna where one encounters architecture and medieval tradition. In addition, the route starts and ends at the well-known and famous port of Fourni.